About encrypt/decrypt files

At sendfilesencrypted.com we care about the security of your files and we want your experience sharing files online to be and feel safe.

That is why we have implemented free file encryption functionality.

All the files that you share in Sendfilesencrypted.com are being encrypted before being uploaded to our servers, this adds a layer of security to each file that you share, preventing any person or threat from accessing them.

In the same way, all your files are decrypted in your browser using the password you provided when uploading them, this ensures that if an attacker accesses your files, they will be fully encrypted.

Here is how we encrypt your files before they are uploaded and stored on our servers.

The code breaks your files into multiple small files, each piece is encrypted using the password you used to upload them and a unique code for each group of files, this gives even greater security to your files. After this process each piece of encrypted file is uploaded and stored on our server. This ensures that even we, the developers, cannot access your files.

Now I will show you how we decrypt your files.

Remember that each original file turned into many pieces of encrypted files, which are the ones that are stored on our server. Each piece is downloaded in the browser and then the password you entered and the unique code of the file block are used to be able to decrypt each piece which will be joined to the many other decrypted pieces of your original file and then create and download the original file.

Without the password, it will be impossible for us to decrypt your files and you will get a corrupted file that is impossible to read.

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